Our Team

Karan Vishwakarma – Chief Editor

Karan Vishwakarma is a professional journalist, he has such a boon of mother Saraswati, it is the grace of mother Saraswati in writing whenever he writes something. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of journalism, he has benefited various sectors of the society with the power of his pen, along with journalism, he is also a social worker who is continuously working in different areas of society. .
Professionally Karan Vishwakarma is also a website designer and developer. He is known as Digital Marketing Expert. This name is not a new name in the world of web. He has established a new record in the world of web and not only India but foreign countries. I am also working on their website app.

Email: karanvishwakarma09@gmail.com,  follow@Karan Vishwakarma



Siraj Kadri – Sub Editor

Dr. Siraj Qadri is a brilliant Ayurvedic Vaidya and his passion is not only in journalism. He has done many important research in his life about Ayurveda herbs and has also found a cure for many incurable diseases. It continuously writes many important Ayurvedic tips and articles for our magazine according to its experience, which has benefited thousands of our readers.

Email : sirajkadri1985@gmail.com,  Follow@Siraj Kadri 



Samir Soni – Journalist

He is a very brilliant journalist who is known for his new thinking and his style of journalism, when writing this, the pen speaks, he does continuous writing work for our magazine, many of his articles are also published in our magazine. He is very fond of art literature and writing, it also writes articles on our entertainment, TV serial, Bollywood artist for our magazine.

Email :  sonisamir313@gmail.com   follow@Samir Soni



Adv. Rahul Tiwari – Legal Advisor

LL.M (MASTER OF CRIMINOLOGY), CIVIL & CRIMINAL., R.T.I ADVOCATE HIGH COURT M.P & SUPREME COURT INDIA. This is a brilliant advocate who has established a record for his name in a very short time, he is acting as the legal advisor of our Khabar India18 News magazine and also the articles of law for our magazine are written by him.

Email : rinkutiwarisirji@gmail.com  Follow@Rahul Tiwari